4594557489_423x565  MDF Bar Front

    Client: SCS

    Project: Rusted Finish to MDF bar front

    Finish: Patinated Iron with Lacquer to formed MDF bar front

    For a sample of Rusted Iron, Please contact us

look down tables   Alexander McQueen

Client: Alexander McQueen

    Project: Aged Brass Shopp fittings

    Finish: Medium Polished Brass, patinated and Lacquered.

    For a sample of the aged brass finish, please contact us

Working with Clements Retail, Creative Coatings have produced some amazing shop furniture for the new Alexander McQueen store on Savile Row. Extensive work was carried out at the store to bring it upto the required standard. The process involved coating the furniture with brass and giving this a medium polish. Once polished, a patina was added to age the brass to a very dark colour. Against the highly polished brass inserts this has added a dramatic effect to the store.

DSC_01571  Spectraflare Coating

Client: Design 4 Retail

    Project: Create a ‘bubble’ effect on plastic baubles

    Finish: Spectraflare coating to clear plastic Baubles

    For a sample of Spectra flare, please contact us

4564069452  Tibbats Abel

Client: Tibbats Abel – Birmingham

    Project: Real Metal Coating to Mild Steel Hand Rails

    Finish: Brushed effect Real Brass to welded mild steel structures

    For a sample of Brushed effect Brass, Please contact contact us

4574153350_274x206  Chrome Mannequins

Client: Ltd Limited

    Project: Chrome Finish to Mannequins

    Finish: Gold Chrome, Holographic Black Chrome and NHS Blue

    For a sample of gold chrome, holographic chrome or painted finishes, please

    contact us

4572354826_270x205  Push For Champagne

Client: Tibbats Abel

    Project: Manufacture and coat wooden sample for new Bar

    Finish: Medium Polished Brass over mdf model

    For a sample of medium polished Brass, Please contact us

 4588820405_179x178 Retail Fitting

Client: Clements Retail

    Project: Match painted sample for steel and aluminium fittings

    Finish: Direct adhesion paint finish with lacquer to protect.

    For a sample , Please contact us

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