The Shangri La, The Shard

The hotel, the first in the UK for the Hong Kong-based Shangri-La group, occupies floors 34 to 52 of the iconic 1,016 ft Shard Tower. As the height of luxury goes, the new Shangri-La hotel in the magnificent 87-storey glass-clad Shard skyscraper in London fits the bill.

This was very much the description given to Creative Castings by the project manager. Two finishes where required and they had to match the supplied control samples from the client. One is the or Dubai Gold Liquid Metal with a aged and brushed finish, the second an Aged Bronze Liquid Metal with a similar brushed effect. It took a couple of attempts to get this right, but Creative Coatings did it. The two effects had different levels of patination with differing levels of brushing. Through out the project things grew and Creative Coatings where asked to provide the custom Red paint finish to some of the panels around the Level 52 Champagne Bar.

The project involved getting not just coating the metal work and wood work where required, but also the manufacture of the metal work. This was the exciting part for every one at Creative Coatings. They had to do the development of certain parts, including the floor to ceiling doors to the Gym areas. These doors where glazed and included electromagnetic locks.

The project, even with its own challenges, worked well and metal works where finished on time and to deadline. Final touch ups where required and completed by Sales manager James Fowler on site.

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