Julian Chichester

Julian Chichester

Creative Coatings has been working with Julian Chichester for over 12 months now, and it has grown into a very productive relationship. At the start of the relationship it was based upon the the finishing of Julian Chichester Colourist range. This is a range of furniture, Manufactured by Julian Chichester. The great thing about the range is that you can choose your colour. Using high end Italian Furniture paints, Creative Coatings has built up an array of different colours from different colour ranges. Not only are there RAL and NCS Colours, but they have even matched to Dulux, The Little Green Paint company, ETC. The world is your oyster with them.

The relationship has flourished and Creative Coatings has been able to offer the Manufacturing of table tops, finished in different colours, to now moving things on to the coating of their table bases. The Table Bases arrive in the raw nickel plated finish, and this has been coated in different special effect paints and Liquid Metal Finishes.

It is a relationship that has gone from strength to strength and will hopefully continue to grow.

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