4602168900_764x536   Icarus had a Sister

For 18 years, Masters and Munn have built a strong reputation in the fields of sculpture, lifecasting and model making. For the Past two years Creative Coatings have

worked With Masters and Munn to create some fantastic metal and chrome effect finish for clients.


twins1-small   Rockabelly Lifecasts

    Life Castings Get Creative Coatings

    Creative Coatings, innovative masters of cold metal spray finishes from Lincolnshire, and Rockabelly Lifecasts, the award-winning body casting company from Kent, are

    collaborating on projects which look to add something new to interior design.

opus_studios_creative_coatings  Globe to Gymnast

Client: Opus Studios – Eleanor Cardozo

    Project: Match gold paint and chrome from globe to gymnast

    Finish: Satin chrome and Gold paint to plaster form.

    For a sample of chrome or paint finished, please contact us

4572507811_221x295  Rusted Sculptures

Client: Wendy Freestone-Artist

    Project: Rusted statue for exhibitions

    Finish: Real Iron Coating, polished and Patiniated, over hand sculptured form.

    For a sample of Rusted Iron, please contact us

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